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September 18, 2011

PTU A Little Bit Rock N Roll Tutorial

This tutorial is 100% my creation, any resemblance to any other is coincidence and not intentional.

You must have basic knowledge of PSP.

Font I used is called: Orchid Black SSi

Scrapkit: I used the creative work of Jens Sweet Temptations. You can purchase it here
You can also find her blog here

Ok...Ok...Let's get started!!

Open Paper 3
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Resize to be smaller than your canvas
Choose your select tool
Select a rectangle
Select none

Choose your preset shapes tool>rectangle
Make a small rectangle about half the size of your paper rectangle
Duplicate and move to the side of the other
You should now have two rectangles over your paper rectangle

Select your left small rectangle
Effects>3D effects>Chisel
Use these settings:
Size: 6
Color # ff40ff
Repeat for right small rectangle

Open Medi Punkie2 (poser)
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Postion in bottom center of your canvas

Open Medi Punkie8 (poser)
Copy>Paste>Paste as layer
(do not resize)
Position above right rectangle layer (refer to example)

Select your right rectangle layer
Choose your wand tool
select your rectangle layer on your canvas
select your poser layer>delete
Select none
Set Opacity to around 45
Mirror your duplicate layer(it should position it directly across from original in the left rectangle)

Open Guitar 3
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Resize: 45
Move to far right side near the edge of large rectangle paper layer
Duplicate and mirror

Open Flower 2
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
(do not resize)
Position directly behind Medi Punkie2 layer

Open Notes1 element
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Resize as desired
Move to lay over the top petal of your flower
Duplicate and move layer to under your flower layer

Choose your eraser tool
Erase excess notes layer that is over far right flower petal
this will give you a weaving look

Open Notes2 element
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Resize: 45
Move to far right top of your tag
Position layer above right small rectangle layer
Free hand rotate: 18

Open Crossbones1 element
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Place under paper rectangle layer on the far left

Open Paper 11
Choose your mask
Layers>Load/save mask>Load mask from disk
select mask and apply
Right click paper layer>Merge>Merge group
Copy>Paste>Paste as new layer
Place as your bottom layer

Add your text

Add your copyright

You should have some similar to my example

Thank you for using/reading my tutorial!

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